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We say OPS after a mistake. We call OPS the Roman goddess wife of Saturn. She is the Earth that distributes the goods for the human genius. In a way, the goddes of serendipity. The one that creates the conditions for humans to make amazing things. Every OPS family member creates the optimal conditions for the flowering of new fresh ideas.

OPS is a family of chairs, stools and tables of various heights for adults, children and some pets. They are three legged, stackable, have very few components, and can be packed in beautiful flat boxes for an easy self-assembly.

The OPS family is dedicated to people committed to use their mind and their body gracefully. Moving smoothly and quietly, the OPS people believe in the power of human intelligence both in abstract and concrete matters. We take action gently against massification and populism. And we want to sit on delicious chairs.

OPS is not about innovation, complicated theories, maths or geometries. It’s about lightness, simplicity, skilled design, quality materials and proper fabrication.

A celebration of human creativity.

It’s not easy to get an OPS piece. They are handmade and it takes ages. Every piece is unique, numbered and registered in our log-book. We make only a few and they are our creatures. That’s why we want to make sure they’ll be fine. And so, we need to meet you, we want to know why you desire to become OPS by purchasing a chair, stool or table, and what you want to do with it. To be part of the family, please send us an email via the form below. In the message please include:

  1. One sentence statement to declare why you feel OPS
  2. When you want to come to meet us in Torino
  3. Which OPS products you would like to buy

If we reply, you have just entered an exciting OPS experience 🙂


Cesare Griffa with Antonio Ravarino, Silvio De Iaco, Stefania Totis, Federico Rizzo

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